Allergic to love

There’s nut allergy, chocolate allergy, hayfever, egg allergy, milk allergy, but have you ever heard of love allergy?

Love allergy – A feeling of discomfort towards love and anything that requires you to make a commitment or take the relationship to the next level.

The symptoms of love allergy are:

  • Heightened emotional sensitivity
  • Delays in your goals and dreams
  • Losing a vital part of yourself

So what’s the cure for love allergies? 

Now clearly, there haven’t been enough literature written about love allergies because most people believe that it is absurd that someone could even think of rejecting love.

This just makes the odd one or two women who don’t want love, feel like there is something utterly wrong with them.

But don’t worry… 

Jane Austen had it, Jacquotte Delahaye had it, Queen Elizabeth I had it, in fact, all the women who did anything super powerful had love allergies. They were just more vocal and less fretful over it.

They weren’t consumed by it though. They never doubted their thoughts or their self-worth just because they didn’t want to love, and they never forced themselves to love if it didn’t feel right. They just kept on doing the thing they loved the most with all that they had.

“I could never love a man who commands me, anymore than I could love one who lets himself be commanded by me.” Jacquotte Delahaye ~ 17th century Female pirate

Now this does not mean that I will never love. It just means that I want the right kind of love for me. I guess that just means I’m allergic to the bull*** kind of love.


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